International Program


Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degree


It is with our great pleasure to announce that Yogyakarta State University Indonesia has offered ninety-three (93)scholarships for qualified students to study for undergraduate & graduate level at Yogyakarta State University.
The scholarship is offered for maximum of 60 months period of study for bachelor degree, 36 months period of study for master degree and 48 months period of study for doctor degree, include of Indonesian language course and preparatory program. The scholarship provides tuition and international student fees waiver.

Field of Studies

Bachelor Degree (Indonesian Program)

Faculty of Education
1. Education Management
2. Educational Policy Analysis
3. Educational Technology
4. Elementary School Education
5. Early Childhood Education
6. Special Education
7. Non Formal education
8. Guidance & Counseling
9. Psychology

Faculty of Languages & Arts
1. Indonesian language & Literature Education
2. Indonesian language & Literature
3. English Language Education
4. English Language & Literature
5. German language Education
6. French Language Education
7. Javanese Language Education
8. Arts Education
9. Craft Education
10.Dance Education
11.Music Education

Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
1. Mathematics Education
2. Mathematics
3. Physics Education
4. Physics
5. Chemistry Education
6. Chemistry
7. Biology Education
8. Biology
9. Natural Sciences Education

Faculty of Social Sciences
1. Civic Education
2. Geography Education
3. History Education
4. History Science
5. Social Sciences Education
6. Sociology Education
7. Public Administration
8. Communication

Faculty of Engineering
1. Electrical Engineering Education
2. Mechatronic Engineering
3. Electronics Technology Education
4. Informatics Engineering Education
5. Mechanical Engineering Education
6. Automotive Engineering Education
7. Civil Engineering & Planning Education
8. Hospitality Education
9. Fashion Education

Faculty of Sport Sciences
1. Physical Health & Recreation Education
2. Physical Health & Recreation Education for
Elementary School
3. Sport Coaching
4. Sport Sciences

Faculty of Economics
1. Accounting Education
2. Accounting
3. Economics Education
4. Management
5. Office Admistration

Master Degree (Indonesian Program)
1. Educational Research and Evaluation
2. Technology and Vocational Education
3. Educational Management
4. Non-formal Education
5. Social Studies Education
6. Applied Linguistics
7. Instructional Technology
8. Science Education
9. Mathematics Education
10.Sports Science
11. Primary Education
12. Guidance and Counseling
13. Javanese Language Education
14. Indonesian Language and Literature Education
15. Early Childhood Education
16. History Education
17. Economics Education
18. Electronics and Informatics Education
19. Electrical Engineering Education
20. Mechanical Engineering Education
21. Family Welfare Education
22. Arts Education
23. Biology Education
24. Physics Education
25. Geography Education
26. Chemistry Education
27. Special Education
28. Civic Education
29. Psychology

Master Degree (Bilingual Program)
1. English Language Education

Doctor Degree (Indonesian Program)
1. Educational Research and Evaluation
2. Technology and Vocational Education
3. Educational Sciences
4. Educational Management
5. Primary Education
6. Chemistry Education

Doctor Degree (Bilingual Program)
1. Language Education

Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply
Required Documents

1. Registration is openened January 8, 2018

2. Get the registration number,  . fill the form with the name, phone number, email, citizens, pasport data and adress.

3. Registration information containing registration code and PIN will be sent via email.

4. Use registration code ande PIN to log in on the registration page.

5. Fill registration form and upload all required documents.

6. Finalize the registration data after all the form are filled correctly.

7. Print participant card to obtain participant number. Use the participant number to find out the graduation status of the participant.

8. Announcement of the selection result will be sent via email and can be sen on


Important dates
1. Deadline of application: Friday, 4 May 2018
2. Announcement of selected candidates: 3 (three) weeks after submission
3. Communication between the university and candidates regarding travel arrangement and visa preparation: June 2018
4. Arrival of students: latest by mid of August 2018
5. Commencement of first semester for Indonesian language course: early September 2018

Contact us
For more information on registration and admission inquiries us at cc

Contact persons
Sinta (+62 856 4390 9968)
Alfa    (+62 857 4774 5488)